eBook Conversion Services

In conjunction with a comprehensive content marketing strategy, eBooks act as excellent conversion tools. By combining insightful content writing with engaging graphic design, you can enhance your lead generation efforts and demonstrate thought leadership within your industry while providing prospective customers with a relevant, valuable asset.

As mid-funnel content marketing assets, eBooks can be used in a wide variety of ways, whether promoted through blog posts, emails, social media updates or pay-per-click advertising campaigns. However, as with all content marketing strategies, optimization is essential to success.

Carol as your content marketing writer and strategist will collaborate with you and your dedicated project manager to craft effective, engaging eBooks, as well as ensure their creation and promotion are optimized to meet your commercial goals.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

eBook Conversion Rate Optimization

Carol is responsible for the overall strategy of your account, which includes researching, analyzing and executing eBook marketing plans with conversion rate optimization in mind.

First, she will help you zero in on your immediate commercial goals, determining how conversion success will be measured. Whether it’s having prospective customers provide personal information through a custom form or make a purchase outright, every strategy is created with the client’s unique wants and needs in mind.

From there, Carol will work with the other members of the content marketing and graphic designers  team to maximize conversions using industry best practices, proprietary software tools and leading analytics information.

From planning to execution to testing, Carol’s eBook conversion services utilizes Martech to fully leverage the power of high-quality digital marketing collateral.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

eBook CTAs

Arguably the most vital component of eBook conversions is the call to action. CTAs encourage people to take a desired next step, helping move them down the sales funnel. Martech technology helps power your eBook CTA strategy with the creation and implementation of dynamic CTA buttons, hosted landing pages and custom on-site lead capture forms. This technology can be used as both a standalone service or integrated with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system.

CTAs are created with a focus on color, placement and associated verbiage. Using industry expertise and routine testing, Carol works alongside graphic designers to craft eye-catching CTA buttons designed to capture clicks.

The size of a CTA, where it’s located on a web page, whether its color clashes with other visual elements, how general or specific the accompanying copy is – all these factors and more are taken into account.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

eBook Forms

Oftentimes, eBook conversions are measured in terms of how many website visitors fill out a form with their personal information. As with CTAs, Carol will utilize proven best practices to maximize desired results.

Using industry data, Carol arranges forms to appeal to your unique audience and encourage the sharing of personal details. From the visual design of forms to their length and ease of use, Carol works to motivate direct action while avoiding generic sales language or overly aggressive prompting.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

eBook UX

A hosted landing page for your eBook, complete with dynamic CTA and customized lead capture form, is essential to maximizing your conversion rate. However, your eBook will fail to generate conversions if it’s located on a web page featuring poor user experience design.

With Carol as your marketing consultant can provide you with actionable insights regarding website UX, ensuring your eBooks are easy to find and access. Whether it’s a matter of a few design tweaks or a complete website overhaul, she and her team can assist you every step of the way.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

eBook Design

Beyond where and how it’s promoted, your eBook must also feature strategic design to deliver intended results. Carol’s creative team will implement design best practices into the eBook itself, marrying compelling copy and stunning visuals for a seamless marketing asset. As an eBook writer, Carol is trained to provide maximum impact from minimal text, keeping with the asset’s emphasis on visual storytelling. Text is limited to approximately 125 words per page, with a focus on hard data and easy-to-follow takeaways.

Carol works hand in hand with her or your in-house graphic design team to bring the text to life, incorporating any brand guidelines and design preferences. Audience interest and readability remain the primary focus throughout the entire writing and design process, with client feedback implemented every step of the way

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

eBook Conversion Testing

Monitoring how eBook conversion efforts perform is just as important as other steps in the optimization process. By analyzing what’s working and making changes as necessary, Carol is able to refine the eBook creation and promotion process to streamline efforts, boost performance and, ultimately, increase conversions.

First, Carol records baseline conversion rates to understand how a clients eBooks is currently performing. As part of the conversion rate optimization (CRO) process, she will experiment with website visitors to record how different actions enhance conversion metrics.

Through detailed analytics tracking and regular A/B testing, she is able to fine-tune your eBook conversion services. Each eBook campaign represents another opportunity to refine the process further, resulting in an ongoing strategy that is always being updated to support commercial goals.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services

SEO for eBook Success

Launching a high-quality eBook is only half the battle. You  must also attract visitors to your website in the first place. With Carol as your content marketing strategist to assist in these efforts by conducting thorough audits intended to analyze search engine optimization performance, and by extension, conversion rate opportunity.

Everything from website speed to navigation to mobile-friendliness is accounted for. Using modern SEO measurement techniques, as well as an expert understanding of current search engine ranking algorithms, she can provide concrete advice on how to boost your website’s ranking position on search engine results pages, and thereby draw more eyes to eBooks and other content marketing assets.

Carol Forden eBook Conversion Services