The Process To Hire A Copywriter

Carol Forden The Process of Hiring a Copywriter

You know you need copywriter services in order to get your health content written, but how does the writing/ project process work? How do we get to the end product – original, professionally written, highly engaging SEO health content?

The following 12 steps will explain what I need from you and what you can expect from the beginning to end of your project.

Step 1: Send me an email and tell me what you need.

Send your email to Please provide an overview of the writing project you need, in as much detail as possible.

Step 2: I’ll email you for more info.

There are no standard rates or hourly rates as each project is quoted dependent on the requirements. In order to give you a quote, I will send you details on what I need from you (if I haven’t received enough info in step 1).

Step 3: You supply me with more details.

You provide more information about your project, if needed, so I can give you a project quote.

Step 4: Proposal, Quote and standard Terms & Conditions.

Once I have all the answers needed to evaluate the scope of your project, I’ll send you an agreement, which will include:

The proposal (which outlines the scope of work)
A quote (how much it will cost)
And my standard Terms & Conditions (which sets out exactly what’s included and protects both of us, in case of any misunderstanding). One of those Terms is regarding payment (see below: step 6).

NOTE: If your project is ongoing (blogs or content marketing, for instance), we can negotiate a weekly or monthly retainer fee instead of a one-off project rate. For blogging retainers there is a minimum 6 month commitment.

Step 5: You accept the Quote and Terms & Conditions.

You accept the Quote and Terms & Conditions in writing (email is fine), which binds us into an agreement.

Step 6: I’ll email you an invoice for the deposit.

I require a 50% deposit of the quoted total fee, or 50% of the first month’s retainer fee, before starting any project – this is standard practice.

Step 7: You pay the deposit.

Acceptable payment methods include Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Deposit.

Step 8: I confirm payment and we proceed.

I confirm payment, request any additional info I may need from you, and provide a start date and delivery date, if we haven’t discussed this already.

Step 9: I start writing.

I will begin writing the agreed upon content. Throughout the process, I will remain in touch with you as needed and will ask you questions if anything is not entirely clear.

Step 10: I will email you the draft content.

Unless we have made other arrangements, I will send you the content via Google docs (from here you can copy/paste or download as a word doc or pdf). Working in “the cloud” enables us to collaborate if needed, and you can make comments on the document if needed. However, I can also work in Word doc if you prefer.

Step 11: You review the content, email me your feedback and I make revisions if necessary.

My clients are usually happy with the material I provide and rarely ask for revisions. But sometimes I’m asked to change or tweak a few things, therefore, two rounds of revision are included. The revisions must be requested within 5 days of sending the content to you, and I will return them to you within 3 days. Your comments can be made as “track changes” on the Google or Word doc directly. I will revise the content based on your feedback and email it back to you for a final review.

Step 12: I close the project and email the final invoice.

Once your project is complete, I will close the project and email you the final invoice for payment. The balance of the final invoice is payable within 7 days.

For retainer projects, biweekly upfront payments are preferred.

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