How My Content Marketing Consulting Process Works

Content – hell, even well-written content – isn’t enough anymore. Sucks, doesn’t it? I believe that even great content has become a commodity.

Writing a 2,000 to 3,000 word keyword-optimized post, hitting publish and expecting the traffic to flow in just doesn’t cut it anymore.

My process as a content marketing consultant is designed to get real results.

You need content that does more. It needs to:

  • Solves your customer’s problems or pain points
  • Brings new leads into your inbound marketing funnel
  • Drives viewers to share and tweet

Sorry, you won’t find standard rates here.

That’s because every project is unique. Especially within hyper-competitive industries where there can be ample research required, along with the analysis of complex topics that need to be positioned in a friendly and engaging way. This means each project is quoted at a fixed rate based on your individual requirements.

When you contact me with a basic overview of your project, I’ll send you a brief to complete so I can provide you with a quote or proposal.

No, I’m not a cheap copywriter.

If you’re looking for a $50 blog writer or a $200 sales page, I’m not the copywriter for you.

As a professional copywriter, I charge professional rates. And in return you can expect a highly professional outcome and a great experience.

When you choose to work with me, you’re paying for my years of expertise and education in sales and marketing, along with my years of copywriting experience, my creativity, my strategic abilities, my SEO and technical know-how, my great reputation, and my dedication and commitment to your project.

Yes, you will feel liberated.

When you contact me about your project, we’ll agree on a fixed price so you know what the full cost will be upfront. Though, I do require a 50% deposit before commencing work.

After that, you won’t have to hold my hand, you can leave your project with me and I will deliver on time, every time so you can relax and focus your attention on the areas of your business that really need you.

I work with many of my clients over the long term so I look forward to building a beneficial partnership that elevates your health business and makes a difference to the lives of your customers.



Blog Content Creation

In-depth, practical, research-backed blog posts designed to get traffic and generate leads.

What’s included:

  • 1000+ words

  • Images, screenshots, and real-life examples

  • Expert quotes if applicable and possible

  • Search engine optimization based on your long-tail keywords, including title, description, and images

  • CMS upload, if requested

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Up to two revisions

  • Expertise in the SaaS, Healthcare, Consumer Package Goods, and marketing industry

  • Content tailored to your products, target audience, and objectives

Pricing starts at $500




Ongoing Monthly Packages

Need consistent content creation? I offer monthly writing packages.

A long-term freelancer-client relationship makes both of us more productive as it eliminates the need to repeatedly get acquainted with the project, the voice, your needs and my way of working.

These retainers are fully customizable to your needs.

What’s included:

  • 3 or more blog posts every month

  • Everything listed under ‘Blog content creation’

  • BONUS: 1-hour monthly consulting call to discuss content ideas and actions

Pricing starts at $1,500/month

Pricing starts at $3500/month with blog distribution






Content Strategy Consulting

A one-hour content strategy intensive where we go over your biggest content struggles and identify a solution for them.

These might include things like:

  • Building and streamlining your content creation process

  • Brainstorming content topics

  • Building a content calendar

  • Implementing tools into your content creation

  • Aligning your content with business goals

  • Keyword research

  • Choosing content formats based on your industry

You’ll come out of this call with a clear action plan and recommended materials to reference in the future.

Pricing starts at $500/hour





A Simple Process Explained Below

Carol Forden Hire Me

2. Contract signed & the fun begins.

After we define the scope of our freelance content marketing project and agree upon terms, the real work begins. I’ll set deadlines for upcoming posts and other deliverables, begin executing on our content roadmap and craft a strategic distribution plan for getting your content noticed by publications, brands & influencers.

Carol Forden Hire Me

4. Publish, distribute & promote

Once we hit publish on our content, the real work begins. I’ll kickstart promotion with an email to my 5,000 subscribers if the post is about startups, general business, marketing, freelancing, entrepreneurship or side hustles. Then, I’ll reach out to all brands, blogs, influencers and publications mentioned in the post—with the goal of social sharing, driving qualified traffic and securing high-quality backlinks. Next, I’ll start lining up features across the high authority publications and business blogs I contribute to when there’s a natural fit and no conflict of interest.

1. Discovery & kickoff call

First things first. Before I start creating a content marketing plan for your brand, I’m doing my homework. I’ll come to the table with a list of immediate recommendations for existing pages we can optimize and see quick results with. I’ll put together a content marketing roadmap—a list of keyword opportunities and corresponding blog posts to get started on. All with the goal of ranking your content at the top of organic search results within the next 1-3 months.


Carol Forden Hire Me

3. Execute, execute, execute.

I’ll get to work to create in-depth, long form content that’s designed to build relationships with your existing readers and attract new ones. I’ll grab quotes from the world’s top professionals and thought leaders to reinforce credibility for your brand and build-in social sharing from well-established authorities. I’ll help you forge content marketing partnerships with related brands and influencers within your space.

Carol Forden Hire Me

5. Measure, adapt and repeat.

Over the coming months, we’ll learn what performs best with your existing audience and the most effective levers for driving in targeted new readers, subscribers & customers. We’ll work towards building regular relationships with publications, partnerships with influencers and continue creating content marketing collateral that gets results. We’ll experiment with new content mediums like infographics, eBooks, guides, courses, videos and challenges.

As a content marketing consultant, I’ll partner with you to define meaningful goals, develop a clear strategy and lead my team of writers and designers to execute & deliver results.




So, do you need a Content Marketer Consultant?


Let’s chat about working together if you have…

1. A monthly budget to get started

2. A minimum of 3 months to commit (this takes time, but is worth it)

3. Time to book a call with me and get the ball rolling this week


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