Emotional Branding

How To Create Engaging Product Demo Videos

How To Create Engaging Product Demo Videos

If you think that demo videos aren’t worth the effort, or that they’ll be unavoidably dry, dull and sequential, then just think how drab the written replacement will be. So, how do you create engaging product demo videos? Forcing your customers to wade through hundreds of words of copy – perhaps accompanied by a few to-the-point ... Read More

YouTube Optimization

How To Optimize Your Video Marketing On YouTube

Video marketing on YouTube is a massive opportunity that brands cannot overlook today. Nay, it’s bigger than that.YouTube is a MAHOOSIVE!! It’s a colossus opportunity. Titanic. Gargantuan. Astronomical – or any other adjective for “extremely large” you can think of. About with most things would be nothing but ... Read More

13 Key Elements of a Perfect Product Video

13 Key Elements of a Perfect Product Video

Your product video is only a minute long. But it took no less than 100 hours of brainstorming, researching, writing, with a little screaming, tossed in for good measure. We've learned a lot from creating product and promo videos over the years and thought we'd share our process with you. You know you need a product video but are ... Read More

Facts Tell Stories sell

Facts Tell, But Stories Sell – Great Brands are Storytellers

For content marketing to be effective, you need to master the art of storytelling. Its long been known that facts tell, but stories sell. Great storytelling and content marketing planning requires a structure of a compelling story. Powerful stories need an inciting incident that impels you into the narrative with strong characters ... Read More

Controversy Drives a Brand

How To Create Content That Sparks a Conversation

Marketing's job to get people to engage with the brand we represent. We want people to like the company and products, to talk about them, to tell others about them. To do this, you need to spark conversations that increase brand or product awareness that attracts attention. To do this, you have to do things that bring extra valuable, ... Read More

what emotions result in social sharing

What Emotions Result in Social Sharing?

What motivates people to share what they do online? Is it the source of the content? Is it the type of content? Is it an emotional response to the content? Or unrelated to the content? The psychology of sharing has been studied by marketers, academics, and psychologists. Tucker Max, a New York Times boils the psychology of sharing down ... Read More

Brands You Cant Out Fox, Fox News

As a Brand, You can’t out Fox, Fox News

Timely news-based content turns life (or business) into keeping up with the Joneses nightmare. Brands need to focus on evergreen and useful content that is as valuable 6 months after it’s published, as it was the day it was published. It might mean less immediate traffic, but it means sticky traffic and also Google traffic that will ... Read More

emotional branding

Brands That Build Emotional Connections Thrive

Why are some brand easier to engage with customers and their target audience and others cannot?  The Power of Emotional Branding is where brands stand out.  Now you are probably wondering how and why are certain brands able to achieve it? Why do their customers turn into customer evangelists? Enter the Power of Emotional Branding. The ... Read More

Carol Forden Customer Experience

Make The Customer The Hero

We've all heard it, the customer is the hero of your story, but what does this mean?  How is a start-up or early stage business do you position your target customer into your brand story? Understand the Customers Story – Before you can put your client into the hero’s role you have known who they are, what motivates them, where ... Read More