The world—and especially the web—turns on content.

From e-commerce to collateral, building a brand and branding to blogging, management to marketing, content makes the world go round.

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Why is so much of what is on the web is it so bad?

The simple answer is an investment.

Good content costs … time, research, effort, and money.

Or does it?

The most valuable elements of any content is the ability to communicate with clarity and rhetorical persuasion.

Is it clear?

Does it sell?

Does it educate?

Does it entertain?

A “no” to any of these question (and most content fails miserably at one or more) inevitably spells disaster and you waster your time, effort and money.

In other words, it’s poor or marginal content that costs … It’s bad.

My mission is simple: to save the world from bad content.

Redemption …

Every piece of content — from blogs to videos, emails to podcasts, ebooks to infographics — must answer two questions:

  1. What misery does it correct?
  2. What atonement does it deliver unto?

That might sound a bit hard. However, it’s the most visceral way to make your content about them, not you.

Self-centeredness is a plague.

A plague that kills.

Good content rescues its audience. It solves real problems; it educates or entertains real people by delivering real value.

Today it’s all about value…

Connecting …

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If you want to know a little more about me…

The power of words has always fascinated me. And as a content marketing writer, I get to see firsthand the impact that words can have both to readers and businesses. And I will admit it that I am a content marketing nerd – the trends, the ideas, the metrics – you name it, I love to read about it, talk about and think about it.

I love helping people, and content marketing let me do just that – use my words to help readers solve their problems and brands build trust with their customers. I get a thrill out of really understanding customer’s challenges, then figuring out the best way to give them information that helps solve their problems. I always make sure to write tone and style that is true to my client’s authentic voice and branding. And one of my strengths is turning complex technical information into practical takeaways for non-technical people.

My clients turn into repeat customers because my goal is to make my client’s life easier by writing until they are thrilled with the results. I meet deadlines. I go the extra mile. I genuinely care about the results of my work and making my client’s happy. Writing isn’t just a job to me, but my passion.

Let me use my words to make an impact for your brand.

I have been writing professionally for over ten years and have owned my own Content Marketing business for the past four years. My expertise includes technology, data analytics, health IT, healthcare, education, automotive and finance.

Before starting my own freelance business, I spent the last 8+ years in Digital Marketing and additional 10+ in the Healthcare and CPG Markets.  My work has appeared in Readers Digest, Massage Magazine, Drug Store News, The Good Men Project, Health 2.0, Health Beat, the Healthcare Blog, Bliss Planet, European Cities, Self Growth, Dealer Marketing News, Driving Sales and others.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and have worked in marketing and sales management for over 20 years.

I’ve worked with notable Fortune 50 companies ranging from American Express, First Data Corp, Abbott Labs, Novartis, AstraZeneca, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

I have extensive experience in healthcare, consumer products, product launches, digital marketing, national retail chains and distribution, national account management, health technology and working with C-Suites in all aspects of the healthcare arena.

I care about my clients business as much as they do – that’s how the magic happens.

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